news March 28, 2020 by copt4g
27.03.2020 17:33
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news March 28, 2020 by copt4g
حجم الخط

News of the Blessed Saturday, March 28, 2020 AD, corresponding to 19 Baramhat 1736 for the martyrs prepared by Radio Coptic World (Holy Great Lent): Church news locally: a lot of mercy (8) "Keri Ellison" .... wait for us every day at ten in the morning and a new daily message From His Holiness the Pope +++ Notice of what was circulated regarding the dates of the morning and the Holy Week and the feast of resurrection is completely disgrace to health and all information comes out of the official page of the Coptic Orthodox Church +++ Notification from the preaching magazine .. due to the circumstances in the country and due to the curfew imposed Now, it has been decided to publish the new issue of the preaching magazine (Issue 11 12 on Friday, March 27, 2020 AD), electronically +++ Pope Tawadros: a small virus that shook countries and societies. Do not be proud of force +++ Pope Tawadros in a message about the Corona crisis: “We have nothing but you, Lord ... who can lift this distress from the whole world “+++ Sunday Schools” goes to children via the Diocese Page +++

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